Welcome to Clearview Media, the UK’s leading provider of roadside billboards. From the M25 to the M1, we have a multitude of billboards on offer, in a variety of sizes. Not only that but all of our billboard advertising offers a minimum of 10 seconds clear visibility, something not all motorway advertising companies can offer.

Roadside Billboards On Motorways

Our network of roadside billboards along the M25 and M1 are high impact, offering you the chance to be seen by hundreds of thousands of road users every single day.

Whether you want one billboard as close to your business as possible or a variety of billboards in different locations within our network, we can cater to your needs. From a standard 48 sheet (20’ x 10’) all the way up to larger formats such as 96 sheets (40’ x 10’) – the choice is yours.

M25 Roadside Advertising

Did you know at Clearview Media, we have more billboards along the M25 than any other company in the UK? The M25 is the busiest and most congested road in the UK (so much so a song was even written about it – Road to Hell by Chris Rhea) so it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the constant flow of slower traffic.

With an excess of 180,000 cars passing each of our M25 billboards every day, from the Dartford Tunnel all the way to Heathrow, roadside advertising has never been so valuable.

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    M1 Roadside Billboards

    Our M1 advertising offers a huge amount of exposure too with over 150,000 road users a day seeing our Clearview Media billboards. From the M1 junction with the M25, going toward Junction 10 towards Luton Airport and onwards to Junction 17 with the Birmingham turnoff at the M6; the opportunities are endless. All billboards along the M1 boast exceptional site lines and have been raised for maximum exposure.

    The Benefits Of Roadside Billboards

    Successfully advertising your brand and business is key and something we can achieve through our network of billboards. With such exposure, there’s never been a better reason to advertise but just in case you needed a few extra:

    • A Roadside Billboard Is High Impact – unlike other forms of advertising, billboards don’t need an invite. They’re part of the environment and can’t be turned off like television can. Your audience has no control as to whether they see it or not, giving you much more impact.


    • Billboards Demand To Be Seen – unlike magazine advertisements or radio commercials, roadside billboards are stand-alone so your message isn’t lost among a sea of competitors. They’re huge in size and automatically draw the eye in, both long and close distance.


    • They Reach A Huge Audience – as we mentioned above, our M25 billboards alone offer exposure to 180,000 road users on a daily basis. Our M1 billboards add a huge 150,000 to that daily figure. Our billboard advertising offers you access to potential customers that could otherwise be difficult to target.


    • Roadside Billboards Are Super Cost-Effective – compare the reach of magazine adverts, or even radio adverts and then compare the reach of roadside billboards. Then take a look at our competitive pricing and you’ll see just how cost effective it really is.

    For more information visit our locations page or contact Clearview Media today on 01245 421008.